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Emery’s 9th Birthday Recognition & Beanie Boo Drive – You Can Help!

It is hard to even think Emery would be turning 9. She is forever frozen in my mind and heart as a newly turned 7 year old. I know as time goes by it will be tougher and tougher to think of all the years and milestones we are missing without her. As hard as it is to recognize her birthday and sometimes I wish I could skip it, it’s more important to reflect on how she came into this world and the impact she had on us & many others for her brief 7 years. When Emery died we set out with a mission to help other families who are spending a lot of time in the hospital with their children who have CHDs and are either facing transplant, having a transplant or dealing with rejection. The Sibley Heart Center at CHOA-Egleston remains busy with newborns & new families coping with a CHD diagnosis as well as older kids coping with the challenges of living with a CHD.

In honor of Emery’s birthday, July 30, we will sponsor a family dinner at Egleston through their Feed the Heart Program. This means we will pay for a catered dinner to serve 30 – 40 families who are there with kids in the CICU or Step Down Unit. This program was relatively new when we were there 2 years ago and I am so happy to see it has grown and been supported by other CHD families, either by sponsoring dinners or donating food to the pantry. Because of your generous donations and outpouring of love and support last year both of these will be well supported by the family kitchen . We have anticipated the kitchen would be ready by now but there have been some delays due to agreeing on the exact space it will reside in. Space is hard to come by due to the high volume of patients at Egleston so it is no easy feat to find the right place. We are still optimistic it will be built this year.

We would like to ask for help with this year’s birthday event & we are asking for you to help us provide Beanie Boos again for the patients. They were so appreciated last year therefore we plan to attend the family dinner and hand out Beanie Boos.

We would love to collect 50 Beanie Boos, any size is appreciated. You can buy them several places or send money (small are typically $6 & medium are about $11). I have seen them at Party City, Michael’s craft store, Kroger, Amazon, Claire’s & The Learning Express. If you want to help us you can send Beanie Boos to us (705 Cheswich Overlook SE, Marietta, GA 30067) or send money via We would like to have them collected no later than July 24. And finally, you may make any additional donation to Emery’s Fund in honor of her birthday at

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