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Parents Grief Retreat

It has been 4 years since Emery died after rejecting her heart. We will always be devastated and the first year was the hardest to survive.
In the aftermath of fighting rejection and losing the battle I sought out grief therapy and grief groups but wasn’t satisfied with those particular experiences. I was desperate for help though. A year after Emery died my job was eliminated from the company I had worked for for 15 years. This was definitely a grief trigger, grieving the job loss in addition to losing Emery. During my unemployment I learned of a Mother’s Grief Retreat in WI. It was hosted by a mom who lost a son to HLHS and I felt like this may be the right time to try another grief support mechanism.
My experience during that retreat inspired me to bring a similar experience to families in GA. It took 2 years to get it together and now we have a wonderful weekend planned for both moms and dads. This is an opportunity for parents to invest in themselves and reconnect with their child. It’s a time to disconnect from the pressures of life and be given the space to grieve and learn healing techniques.
I am so passionate about this & believe so strongly in the benefits that we have decided to cover the majority of the cost with money we raised in Emery’s honor from Emery’s Kisses for Hearts fund.
The retreat begins today at 6 PM and I hope it lives up to my dreams for the benefits I believe parents will receive from attending.

Thank you to all of our supporters, without your donations we wouldn’t have this opportunity to help others.

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