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Parents Grief Retreat

It has been 4 years since Emery died after rejecting her heart. We will always be devastated and the first year was the hardest to survive. In the aftermath of fighting rejection and losing the battle I sought out grief therapy and grief groups but wasn't satisfied with those particular experiences. I was desperate for… Continue reading Parents Grief Retreat


Three long years missing our girl

Tomorrow, Sept 4, marks the day Emery died and our nightmare began. It is very difficult to wrap my mind around the fact it has been three years. How is it possible we have lived like this and without her? I know we stay busy and have had some great family trips and outings but… Continue reading Three long years missing our girl

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It’s Beanie Boo time! Celebrating Emery & Giving Back to CHOA Families

It is hard to believe another year has come and gone without Emery in our house and our lives. She would be celebrating her 10th birthday in a month, the big double digit birthday. I try to imagine what she would look like and how her voice would have changed. I wonder what she would… Continue reading It’s Beanie Boo time! Celebrating Emery & Giving Back to CHOA Families

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Halloween Dining For Dollars Fundraiser

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 24: 5 - 9 PM Location: 590 Mimosa Boulevard, Roswell Call for reservations: 770-817-9345 Online reservations You are invited to an exciting event at The Mill Kitchen & Bar in Historic Roswell to support Emery Funkhouser’s Kisses for Hearts. Your overwhelming support & generosity last year enabled us to fund a… Continue reading Halloween Dining For Dollars Fundraiser