Emery Funkhouser’s CHD Journey

Emery Funkhouser was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), a congenital heart defect. This defect required open-heart surgery when she was 7 days old, and another open-heart surgery at 4 months old. Then, a few months before she turned 2 years old, Emery received a heart transplant.

While transplant is not a cure, Emery had significantly improved health for the next 5 years. The greatest risk with a transplant is organ rejection. Unfortunately, Emery went into rejection the summer of 2015. Damage to her heart caused by the rejection ultimately caused her death in September, 2015. She had just turned 7 years old.

Emery’s story, her strength, and her courage have touched so many people. We want to continue her legacy and the power she had to touch people so that we may help others.

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